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Goal-tailored fitness programs for sustainable results in only 30 minutes!

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Full Spectrum Life-style Performance & Wellness Program for Sustainable Results That Gives Back to Charity Based On Your Effort


Change Your Approach to Wellness

Learn the basic principles required for achieving sustainable results:

  • Be much more efficient & effective with your workouts by burning 450+ of the RIGHT calories in only 30 minutes. You'll learn how we do this during your 6 week introductory program. 
  • We'll provide you with the necessary nutritional coaching required to truly see results. We teach you how to eat, not just give you a list of what to eat. 
  • We'll help you build the right habits and optimize your approach to fitness to build a sustainable healthy lifestyle. 
  • Your dedicated Accountability Coach will help you change your mindset for how you think things are done to how they SHOULD be done to get & maintain results. 
  • Join a community of likeminded individuals building a healthier and more enjoyable life. 
  • Using the tools and resources we provide, we'll be able to collect bio & physical data, set benchmarks, and track your progress over time. 
  • And much more...

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This could be the change you need…

  • Finally feel good!
  • Start to see body composition changes!
  • Start new lifestyle changing habits!

The right fitness program can make all the difference. Our program is unlike any other. 

What makes our Method different?



You'll sweat no matter where you go, we just focus on how efficiently you do. 30 minute full-body sessions designed to burn more calories in half the time and is different every single day.

  • Sessions are only 30 minutes w/ Convenient start times every 5 minutes. 
  • 6 Stations, 4 Minutes at Each Station, 1 Minute Rest In Between
  • Burn 450+ of the RIGHT Calories on average. 


You may get this elsewhere, but will be a non-personal free guide or $100+ per session. We include custom nutrition coaching in every program. Want results? Nutrition NEEDS to be part of the formula. 

  • Custom Macro based nutrition coaching to teach you HOW to eat. 
  • Registered Dietitian Meal Plans Available w/ Every Program
  • Nutrition tracking software for easy macro management. 


Custom Metabolic testing, 3D Body Composition Analysis, Hexstep Habit Program, Dedicated Accountability Coach, Performance Review & More included in every program. Unmatched.

  • Metabolic Testing to Identify Your Specific Training Zones to Match Your Goals.
  • 3D Body Composition Analysis to Visually See Your Progress & Track Micro Changes
  • Hex Step Habit Program to Develop a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Dedicated Accountability Coach, 1-to-1 messaging, Performance Review Meetings, & more.
  • Expectations Meeting, Benchmark Testing, & online training because goals don't take days off. 


We donate to charities whose mission it is to solve ailments of the body based on your effort. All you have to do is show up and work. Basic Principles, Advanced Methods, Impactful Results:

  • You generate points based on your heart rate. 
  • The more effective you workout, the more points you generate.
  • The more points you generate. the more money we give back to these 6 charities. 
  • You select which of those charities you want your points to go to!

This Program Is For You If...

  • You keep trying new things but haven't seen sustainable results.
  • Want to take a scientific & biological approach to wellness. 
  • Want to create a healthy lifestyle.
  • Are too busy to workout the traditional way. 

We're Baseck Training

Baseck Training is the most efficient and effective heart-rate based & total-body workout program that uniquely specializes in providing individualized fast & fun 30-minute workouts, full nutritional coaching & planning, and dedicated accountability with guaranteed results - All while giving back to charity based on your effort.

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2 Sessions for $20

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