Optimized Experience, Optimal Results.

The only full-spectrum lifestyle performance & wellness program for sustainable results that gives back to charity based on your effort. 

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The traditional fitness model is broken. We offer ultra-personalized approach that seamlessly blends into your lifestyle. How do we do this?


Everyone completes a personalized consultation to better understand your fitness level, perceived challenges, & goals so we can build a fully personalized program.


Once the plan is in place we complete fully customized assessments to determine how your body functions so we can further refine how to meet your goals quickly & sustainably.


We provide regular benchmark testing alongside accountability coaching, nutrition guidance, and habit development to blow past plateaus. We provide all the tools & resources for you.

Our Programs

All programs include the key services & tools necessary for success. With only 30 minute sessions, 450+ calories per session, dedicated accountability & nutrition coaching... there's no excuse.

*See your specific location page to reserve your FREE sessions, see pricing, and all other location specific information.


1:1 & 2:1 Programs

Our Black Label Reserve Personal Training Programs are our most exclusive & hands-on programs. All programs include the key services & tools necessary for success, in a one-on-one setting. 

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Small Group Training 

Our Blueprint Program training is our most popular program and is unmatched in the industry. Get unlimited sessions, nutrition coaching, your own dedicated accountability coach, & more!

2 Sessions for $20


Small Group Sessions

A world-class youth program to encourage youth fitness & wellness. With scheduled sessions & dedicated coaching we develop the right foundations & drive high performance. 

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Personal Online Programs 

Not located near one of our locations? Sign up for our industry leading online personal training you can do from anywhere. Our program includes accountability, nutrition, workouts and more. 

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You generate points based on your effort. The more effective you workout, the more points you get. The more points you get, the more money we give back. You pick the charity!



Our Method

Health requires more than just a good training program. We are the ONLY fitness program that truly provides an all-inclusive, tailored, wellness routine including training, nutrition, accountability, & industry leading technology to guarantee you reach your goals. And on top of that, we give back to charity based on your effort. To get everything we offer, you would spend upwards of $2200 a month anywhere else. We do it for as low as $15 / Session. We challenge you to find a similar program anywhere in the world.


You'll sweat no matter where you go, we just focus on how efficiently you do. 30 minute full-body sessions designed to burn more calories in half the time and is different every single day.


You may get this elsewhere, but will be a non-personal free guide or $100+ per session. We include custom nutrition coaching in every program. Want results? Nutrition NEEDS to be part of the formula. 


Custom Metabolic testing, 3D Body Composition Analysis, Hexstep Habit Development, Dedicated Accountability Coach, Performance Reviews & More included in every program. Unmatched.


We donate to charities whose mission it is to solve ailments of the body based on your effort. All you have to do is show up and work. Basic Principles. Advanced Methods. Impactful Results. 

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The Workout

Get ready to burn more than 450 calories on average in only 30 minutes with our unique 6 station circuit. Spend 4 sweat-inducing minutes at each station and rest for 1 minute in-between. Each station has a specific fitness modality to work the whole body every session! We offer coached classes & self-led sessions with start times every 5 minutes. There's no excuse!


Dynamic Warmup


Active Suspension


Agility & Power


Functional & Core


Strength & Control


Cardio Wrap-Up

Membership Services

All programs offer unlimited workout sessions, nutritional guidance, and accountability. It's critical to have all 3 for success! Our program is unmatched in the industry. 

*Depending on the package selected, prices range from $15 - $65 per session.

  • $99 Commitment Fee
  • B.A.S.E.C.K Onboarding Meeting
  • Unlimited Sessions Per Week
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Active Metabolic Analysis
  • Accountability Coach
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Physical Therapy Assessment
  • Monthly Performance Review
  • Weekly Accountability Messaging
  • Discounted Metabolic Tests
  • Nutrition Coaching/Guidance
  • Macro Nutrition Consultation
  • Registered Nutrition Meal Plans
  • Digital On-Demand Workouts
  • Full Virtual Fitness Platform
  • Digital Stretch Library
  • Community Events & Seminars
  • Heart Rate Analysis & Strategy
  • 3D Body Composition 1x Quarter
  • Studio Special Access Hours
  • Educational Video Series
  • Coached & Self-Led Sessions
  • 4x More Sessions Than Industry